Indefinitely, if processed properly with filtration and chemical neutralization.

Range from 1-10 ppm. Most clients chlorinating in the 3-5 ppm range.

Most clients maintain between pH 2.0 to 3.0.

Depends on how many mice per cage, type of strain, or type of research being conducted. Typical duration for 5 adult outbred mice weighing 25 grams, with a 13 oz. water filled pouch, is 14 days.

The Hydropac® film that we use contains a blend of LDPE and HDPE. If it were entirely HDPE, the code would be “2” and if just LDPE , it would be “4”.  However, since it contains both, it is labeled “7” which means “other” or “mixed.”

The valve material is a Food Grade polypropylene which is a recyclable material. The issue is that there is a metal spring and rubber “0” ring inside the valve making this item non-recyclable.

Depending on your water source, the AWS-2500 Pouch Machine can make up to 700 pouches per hour. The AWS-5000 will make one pouch every 2 seconds.

Yes. There are two ways to medicate pouches. One, add the solution to the Manifold proportioner tank and the solution will be add to the water, as pouches are made. Two, with the use of a silicon patch, medications can be added directly into the pouch.

No. There is no need to autoclave pouches, as the water in the pouch is sterile (chlorinated or acidifed) and being a sealed pouch nothing can get into the pouch to contaminate the water.

In most cases yes. The Hydropac® system is design to fit most caging systems on the market. Hydropac® has worked with clients to design and test new ways of adapting the pouch and valve to their system.

The Hydropac® team will work with you and your facility team to answer questions about the setup. We provide you with detailed installation specifications.  When all installations requirements have been met, the Hydropac® machine installation can usually be completed within one hour after the setup team arrives.

The Hydropac® system will work with Mice, Rats, Hamsters and Guinea Pigs.

Yes. As part of your purchase order, three of your facility personal will travel to Belcamp, Maryland for 2 days of extensive pouch machine and pouch/valve technique training.  We recommend that you send the person(s) who will operate the pouch machine.  In addition, we have found that a maintenance person is also valuable in understanding the concepts of pouch production. Finally, during facility installation, the setup team will provide orientation and pouch/valve training, as needed, to facility personal.

Yes. With proper disinfecting, the pouches can last a long time in storage.  Also, Hydropac® recommends keeping an emergency backup supply of pouches for at least two change out cycles.  It is also recommended that pouch supplies be rotated.

Whatever water you are currently using in your facility can be adapted for use with the Hydropac® system.

The valve has been tested extensively both by our Research and Development and by our clients.  In addition, each individual valve is tested to meet strict quality standards before shipping.

Each valve is gamma irradiated before shipping to clients.  The valves are packed in trays with 100 valves per tray.

If you were unable to find the answers to the questions you have, please contact us at 800.664.7620, or email us.

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